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Boom supersonic! The new Concorde will take flight (draft)

6 November 2021 Harry Kelly Aviation Information

The boom supersonic Overture has a top speed of Mach 1.7, accommodating 65 to 88 passengers with a range of 4,250NM Specs 👇 PASSENGER CAPACITY65 to 88 CRUISING ALTITUDE60,000 FT CARBONNET-ZERO LENGTH205 FT SPEEDMACH 1.7 RANGE4250 NM (4888 MI)

The New $75 Million Falcon 10X Private Jet

6 November 2021 Harry Kelly Aviation Information

Falcon 10X – The Penthouse Of The Skies The Dassault Falcon 10X is an ultra-long range, wide body purpose-built business jet capable of flying to all the world’s major business destinations without stopping.   The Dassault Falcon 10X will have seating for 19 passengers. This aircraft can fly higher and faster than any other commercial […]

Introducing The $73M Bombardier Global 7500

15 September 2021 Harry Kelly Aviation Information

Bombardier Global 7500 The Global 7500 entered service in late 2018 and currently stands alone as the longest range and largest purpose-built business jet to enter service. Its competitors – The Falcon 10X, Gulfstream G700 are still under development and will enter service over the next coming years. The Global 7500 has four true living […]