Inside the Airbus A320 ACJ private jet costing over $100 million new

Introducing the Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ)

The Airbus ACJ 319 neo and ACJ 320 neo is the private jet variant of the highly successful Airbus A320 Neo commercial airliners. Moreover, these private jets cost more than $100 million. In addition, these state-of-the-art business jets has a configuration to carry 19 to 25 passengers in VIP comfort. As a result, these private jets are the ultimate status symbol for the super-rich.

Leading the way in cabin space

The Airbus ACJ 319 neo and the ACJ 320 neo have three times more space than some of the largest purpose-built business jets on the market. In fact, these aircraft can fly for up to 15 hours without stopping.

Largest Cabin in its class

The Airbus A320 Neo ACJ family features a wider cabin than the Boeing BBJ family business jets increasing flexibility and cabin comfort for those on board. Furthermore, a larger cabin means more options are available for cabin layouts.

Cleanest cabin for long-range flights

The ACJ 320 / A319 neo ACJ business jets can fly 3000 nautical miles more than the airliner version, with a 15% lower cabin altitude. In fact, the ACJ 320 features a hospital-grade filtration system that removes particles and halogens from the air. The result is an aircraft with the cleanest and healthiest cabin in its class.

Capable of flying 15 hours non-stop

The ACJ 319 can fly 6750 nautical miles without stopping which is approximately 15 hours of non-stop flight. In addition, it has a cabin length of 24 m (79 feet) while A3 20 has a cabin length of 27.74 meters (89’10”) while offering slightly less range but more cabin volume.

The aircraft also features the all-new CFM LEAP 1a or the PWA 1100 G engines.

Largest cabin in its category

The ACJ 319 and ACJ 320 feature a larger cabin than competitors with 20% more height and 65% wider than competitor aircraft. Compared to some of business aviation’s most advanced private jets the ACJ offers a cabin like no other. In fact, the Airbus A320 ACJ private jet family offers a larger cabin cross-section compared to its direct rival, the Boeing 737 BBJ Max.

Longer range than its airliner variant

The ACJ 320 neo family features a 3000 nautical mile more in range than its airliner variant thanks to the auxiliary fuel tanks incorporated into the aircraft design.

ACJ 319 Neo Range

The ACJ 319 neo can fly 6750 nautical miles, more than 15 hours of non-stop flight seating eight passengers according to airbus.

ACJ 320 Neo Range

The ACJ 320 neo can fly 6000 nautical miles for more than 13 hours of non-stop flight with 25 passengers.

Although, the Boeing 737 Max BBJ family offers a longer range with the BBJ 737 Max 7 which can fly 7000 nautical miles without stopping. On the other hand, the 737 Max family offers a slightly smaller cabin cross-section.

A true office in the sky

The ACJ 320 private jet family is designed to be a home in the sky, an office in the sky, or a government tool. Once more, the ACJ gives passengers the feeling of being at home like on the ground benefiting from a 15% lower cabin altitude than a direct competitor.

Airbus Corporate Jet 320 Cost

The Airbus A319 ACJ neo costs approximately $105 million while the larger A320 ACJ neo costs an additional 10 million. The A320 ACJ is priced at $115 million. Moreover, these private jets offer advanced inflight technology and cabin comfort. Furthermore, the Airbus family of business jets is ultra-capable and technologically advanced.


To conclude, the Airbus ACJ neo family are ultra-long range wide-body business jets and have a lot to offer to any potential buyers. In addition, these aircraft are the ultimate status symbol for the Super rich. These private jets are more like flying mansions than they are aircraft. In fact, they cost more than a mansion and will cost even more than the list price depending on what the buyers’ cabin layout options.

A319 neo

Max range       12,500 km (8 pax)              6,750 nm          $105M

A320 neo

Max range 11,100 km (25 pax)          6,000 nm       $115M

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