Inside the Boeing 787 Dreamliner private jet, price, range and seating capacity

Boeing 787 Dreamliner BBJ (Boeing Business Jet)

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) is the Business Jet variant of the highly successful 787 Dreamliner airliner, which flies passengers all over the world.

The 787 ultra-long-range passenger airliner, is now available as a private jet

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a state-of-the-art ultra-long-range passenger airliner, built from carbon composite materials. In fact, these carbon composite materials reduce weight resulting in increased fuel efficiency. In addition to its new engines, the 787 Dreamliner is one of aviation’s most advanced, efficient, and outperforming aircraft in the industry.

Endless possibilities with an airliner seating over 300 passengers for a private jet

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner flies passengers all over the world and is one of the longest-range passenger airliners currently on the market. Furthermore, the 787 can accommodate between 250 to 336 passengers in A two-class configuration. The business jet variant of the Boeing 787 normally seats approximately 25 to 50 passengers depending on the aircraft’s configuration.

Airliner variants

The Boeing 787 commercial Dreamliner comes in three main variants the smaller variant the 787-8, the slightly larger variant the 787-9, and the largest variant the – 10. On the other hand, the business jet variant is only available in the -8 and -9 models.

Built with sustainability in mind

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was built with sustainability in mind while optimizing fuel efficiency. For instance, it features carbon composite wings reducing weight and increasing aerodynamics. As a result, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner private jet is the most efficient in its class.

Types of owners

The Boeing 787 private jet is an aircraft designed for the ultra-wealthy and the likely owners will be head-of-state multi-million / billionaire individuals, or large corporations.

Boeing 787 BBJ private jet options and range

The Boeing 787BBJ is only available in two variants which are the – 8 a shorter variant and the – 9. In fact, the -8 features an ultra-long range of 9945 nautical miles while carrying 25 passengers in VIP comfort.

Difference between the -8 and -9

The Boeing 787 – 9 has a slightly larger fuselage with optimization for cabin interior layouts. The – 9 has a slightly shorter range of 9485 nautical miles with a cabin configured to carry 25 passengers. Notably, the Boeing 787 – 9 Dreamliner features a slightly shorter range of 9485 nautical miles while carrying 25 passengers in a longer fuselage than the – 8.

Boeing 787-8 BBJ VIP configuration

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has a cabin so large it can accommodate two master bedrooms, two bathrooms, a conference area, a dining room, and even a hallway. In fact, the cabin on each aircraft will be unique, and no aircraft will be the same as each buyer will be able to customize their cabin to their requirements. Furthermore, with the 787 Dreamliner technology, the cabin is the quietest in its class and the cleanest. Also, note this interior layout is from the Boeing 787-8 the smaller of the two variants. Moreover, the – 9 will have an even longer cabin.

The largest cabin with endless interior configurations options

The Boeing 787 dash 8 and dash 9 will have the same cabin width of 18 feet (5.49 meters). This allows more space to be optimized for use. In turn, this aircraft can be an office in the sky or even a flying mansion. As a result, this aircraft has enough space for optimization for any potential buyer’s requirements.

787-8 BBJ dimensions

The Boeing 787-8 has a cabin length of 56.69 metres / 186 feet. Compared to the length of the Boeing 787-9 with a length of 63 metres/ 206 feet. The dash 9 has a length 6.31 metres / 20 feet longer than the dash 8.  

787-9 BBJ dimensions

The Boeing 787-9 has a larger fuselage than the dash 8 which can be used to accommodate an additional bedroom or conference area. Even though the dash 9 will have a shorter range, the additional space may be vital for some buyers.

The largest cabin with endless interior configurations options

Moreover, if the – 8 is too small, then the -9 will significantly be larger in length if buyers needed the additional space. Interestingly, it seems Boeing has decided not to make a private jet variant of the dash 10. The reason for this is, the -10 as Business Jet would be considered too large for a small market.

If a buyer considers the Boeing 787-9 too small, they can upgrade to the larger Boeing 777 X BBJ or even the Boeing 747-8 BBJ

Largest windows in its class

According to Boeing, the windows on the 787 are 78% larger than those on the A330. In fact, the Boeing 787 BBJ features adjustable tint, which electronically dims each window or panel throughout the cabin to enhance the cabin experience.

The Boeing 787 features the quietest cabin

The Boeing 787 features the quietest cabin in its class, with systems and equipment vibration isolated from the aircraft, as well as engine vibration tightly controlled with nacelle chevrons. It also reduces engine exhaust noise, while the main cabin features an advancement in vibration isolation inside its walls and ceiling. This reduces noise and vibration throughout the aircraft and increases efficiency and cabin comfort, making this aircraft a state-of-the-art business jet.

Featuring an advanced air filtration system

The Boeing 787B BJ features an advanced air filtration system designed to improve the cabin experience by bringing it up to private jet standards, with a filtration system that removes toxins including ozone particles, irritants, gastrostomy, contaminants, bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Boeing 787 Private jet price

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner BBJ costs more than $200 million with prices pushing up to $300 million depending on the aircraft’s specification and added options. Prices will vary for each variant depending on the buyer’s choices.

Pressurizes its cabin 2000 feet lower than its competitors

The Boeing 787B BJ pressurizes its cabin 2000 feet lower than its competitors, which improves the in-flight experience. The 787 commercial airliners, also known as the Dreamliner, is much loved by passengers for its comfort.

The only aircraft built from completely carbon composite

Boeing 787 is one the only aircraft built from completely carbon composite materials which improves weight efficiency and structural robustness.


In summary, the 787 is an ultra-long-range, ultra-efficient, and ultra-powerful business jet for the wealthy. This aircraft is a true flying mansion with the quietest cabin in its class. This is one of the world’s most advanced aircraft. The 787 Dreamliner is a status symbol like no other. The Boeing 787 is the aircraft of dreams.

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