Inside the $350 million Airbus ACJ350 private jet – that can fly to any point on earth without stopping

Introducing the Airbus A350 private jet

The Airbus ACJ350 is the latest addition to the ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jets) family of VIP widebody business jets designed to offer the best VIP experience in a flying mansion for the super rich.

The private jet variant of the A350 commercial airliner; the ACJ 350

The Airbus ACJ350 is based on the highly successful A350 commercial airliner. In fact, it is the latest addition to the Airbus family. Furthermore, the A350 offers advanced efficiency and in-flight technology with reduced cabin noise and unbeatable fuel efficiency.

ACJ350 variants

The ACJ350 comes in two variants consisting of the smaller ACJ350-900 which has a longer range compared to its slightly larger variant of the ACJ350 -1000.

Key differences between the ACJ350-900 and ACJ350-1000

The ACJ350 – 900 has a maximum range of 11,100 nautical miles while carrying 25 passengers. On the other hand, the ACJ 350 – 1000 has a maximum range of 10,300 nautical miles while carrying 25 passengers. Importantly, while this range is shorter than the 900 variants, the ACJ350- 1000 variant has a longer and larger cabin volume.

Record-breaking range from London to Sydney non-stop

The Airbus ACJ 350-900 can fly over 22 hours and 11,100 nautical miles meaning it can fly from London to Sydney non-stop and London from Auckland nonstop. As a result, the ACJ 350 can fly to any point of the world without stopping for fuel.

22 hours of non-stop flight and up to more fuel-efficient than competitors

While the Airbus 350ACJ can fly up to 22 hours non-stop, it is also up to 25% more fuel-efficient than its competitor with the lowest CO2 emissions. As a result, it is one of the most efficient ultra-long-range ultra-large business jets in its class.

Largest cabin in its class – a true flying mansion

This aircraft is a flying mansion. The cabin configuration features a private office, a quiet bedroom, an exclusive dining conference area, exclusive seating, two service areas as well as guest and staff seating. In fact, the aircraft is so large any seating configuration can be made available thanks to the large volume.

Featuring a new fuselage design

The A350’s new fuselage design features 53% carbon composite materials. In fact, it features an intelligent airframe, with 70% new material ensuring maximum efficiencies reach while reducing fuel. In addition to its biometric wing design, the wings have been made thicker for more efficient flying. Furthermore, the ACJ350 features new engines consuming less fuel and new cockpit systems to reduce the workload for the pilots, while maintaining efficient flight. As a result, this flying mansion is one of the most technologically advanced aircraft in the sky.

The Airbus ACJ350 cost exceeds $300 million

The ACJ350 costs in the region of $300 million to $375 million depending on the buyer’s specifications for interiors and aircraft options. Moreover, those who have 300 million to spend on the private jet should have no problem splashing the cash on interior design. Furthermore, custom-made interiors can take years to design and build and costs millions in themselves.

ACJ350 summary

To conclude, the ACJ350 is an ultra-long-range wide-body business jet capable of flying to any point on the globe without stopping. Moreover, it is the ultimate status symbol and will be seen as one of the world’s longest-range and largest private jets in its category. With its ultra-long range, it leaves its competitors. Furthermore, while being one of the largest business jets in its class, it is one of the most efficient. The Airbus ACJ 350 $350 million private jet is a status symbol like no other.

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