Inside the world’s most expensive Boeing 777X BBJ private jet costing over $400 Million

Introducing the world’s longest range private jet

The Boeing 777X BBJ is an ultra-long-range wide-body business jet capable of flying to all the world’s destinations without stopping. In fact, the 777X BBJ will be the world’s longest-range business jet when it enters service.

Boeing 777-8X BBJ range

The Boeing 777 – 8X BBJ features the world’s longest range of any business jet. As a result, it can fly up to 11,645 nautical miles without stopping while carrying 75 passengers.

Boeing 777-9X BBJ range

The Boeing 777X – 9X features a slightly longer fuselage than the 777-8X and has a range of 11,000 nautical miles. Furthermore, the extra cabin space gives potential customers more customization of their aircraft. In addition, luxuries can be added to the interior configuration which is unique to the customer’s design.

Unique Interiors never seen before in business aviation

The Boeing 777 X BBJ will be completely unique. Interiors will be suited to the customer’s design specifications. In fact, these interiors are so large they take years to design and build. Furthermore, the interior of the Boeing 777X BBJ will be something never seen before in business aviation.

First in its class to feature folding wingtips

The 777X BBJ is the first of any commercial or business jet to feature folding wingtips. The wings increase span to optimize the efficiency of folding wingtips to fit today’s 777 airport infrastructure allowing more access to airports of an aircraft of this size. The Boeing 777X is a unique aircraft optimized for efficiency while maintaining exceptional performance.

The BBJ 777X features the world’s largest GE 9X engines

The 777X also features the world’s largest GE 9X General Electric engines which are the largest in aviation. In fact, these engines are the most fuel-efficient in their class. Furthermore, they offer lower emissions than the CAEP/8 requirements. In addition, the engines are the quietest in its category.

Widest cabin in the twin-engine category

The 777x BBJ has the widest cabin in the twin-engine category offering more space and customization than any of its competitors. In fact, it has a cabin cross-section of 19 Feet 7 inches (6 m).

Seating for 75 passengers in VIP comfort

Boeing 777XB BJ features the world’s longest range of any business while seating 75 passengers. In fact, the BBJ 777X can fly half of the circumference of the globe allowing for non-stop flights to any two cities on earth. Moreover, the 777X BBJ can fly from London to Sydney non-stop and from Santiago to Beijing non-stop while carrying more passengers than any other business jet in its class.

BBJ 777X price

The Boeing 777-8 X BBJ has a list price of $410.2 million and the 777-9X BBJ has a list price of $442.2 million. A Boeing 777 X is one of the most expensive business jets that will enter service. Furthermore, custom-made interiors will exceed the list price


To conclude, the Boeing 777 XBBJ is the world’s longest-range business jet that is due to enter service. Furthermore, this business jet will be an unmatched status symbol for the ultrawealthy. In addition, it will be the most efficient in its class while offering the largest cabin in its category.

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