Showcasing Boeing’s 737 Max BBJ private jets costing upwards of $90 million

Boeing Business Jets

The Boeing 737 Max BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) is an ultra-long-range business jet family based on the highly successful 737 commercial airliners.

Reasons to own a private jet

Owning and operating a business jet or even chartering an aircraft can be vital for business operations. A private jet reduces travel time significantly and is ideal for those companies where time is money. Most importantly, a business jet slashes travel time and increase productivity between top executives and business owners. Moreover, the business jet can be the heart of a company’s operations and the ultimate backbone.

What this article will cover

This article will compare Boeing’s Business Jets (BBJ) most specifically the 737 max BBJ family and the cost of each. In addition, this article will take a deep dive into what each aircraft has to offer in terms of cabin capacity, range, and value for money.

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) Overview

Boeing Business Jets offer an advancement in range compared to their commercial variants, with the Max 7 BBJ which can fly 7000 nautical miles (NM) without stopping. Moreover, the BBJ offers a large cabin volume over purpose-built business jets such as the Falcon 10X. The Boeing Max family of business jets is ideal for an office in the sky with a bedroom, a shower, dining facilities, even, entertainment areas, and many more to the potential buyers’ desires. As a result, Boeing claims they can deliver it all in their family-built business jets.

Boeing 737 Max Business Jets variants and Range

The Max 7 BBJ can fly 7,000 nm nonstop. The BBJ MAX 8 will have a slightly shorter range of 6,640 nm and the BBJ MAX 9 will have a 6,515 nm range. The larger variants of the Max family will have a slightly shorter range due to the larger fuselage. Moreover, a larger fuselage can accommodate more space, ideal for adding additional bedrooms or dining areas to the cabin layout.

Advancement in winglet technology

The Boeing 737 Max BBJ features advanced winglet technology in its wing design. As a result, the winglets have improved the aircraft’s range by up to 2.5% while saving costs on fuel and increasing speed and range. Interestingly, in 1998 the BBJ was the first Boeing aircraft to be sold with blended winglets and this design has been improved over time to enhance performance and efficiency.

The new Boeing Business Jets will feature all-new engines larger than the previous generation aircraft

The new Boeing 737 Max BBJ aircraft will feature the all-new CFM LEAP – 1B engines which are optimized for the efficiency of the 787 engines with the high circle durability that the 737 offers. Importantly, these engines will have a fan 8 inches larger in diameter than the current 737 fans.

As a result, of the new engines and winglet design, the Boeing 737 Max BBJ will be more efficient than its competitors.

Unique interior spaces to meet buyers’ requirements

Each BBJ Max aircraft will offer a range of unique interior spaces to match any potential buyers’ requirements while optimizing efficiency and maintaining performance to business jet standards.

Boeing 737 Max 7 BBJ price, range, and passenger capacity

The Boeing BBJ Max 7 is the smallest variant of the B BJ Max family but most importantly, it has the longest range. The Max 7 BBJ can fly 7000 nautical miles while carrying 25 passengers without stopping. In addition, it costs approximately $91.2 million new.

Endless possibilities with an interior like no other

The Boeing 737 Max 7 has the smallest cabin volume out of the two other variants but is significantly larger than any purpose-built business jet on the market. Moreover, it can accommodate a master bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, and other designelements.

On the other hand, even with its large interior the Max 7 bbj will have a range of 7000 nautical miles while accommodating 25 passengers. Furthermore, with its new engines and winglet technology, the Boeing Max 7 BBJ is the most efficient business jet in its class consuming less fuel than its competitors while offering a larger cabin volume.

Boeing 737 Max 8 BBJ price, range, and passenger capacity

The Boeing B BJ Max 8 has a slightly longer fuselage than the Max 7 and costs $99 million. In addition, it has a range of 6640 nautical miles while carrying 25 passengers. The Max 8 offers a larger fuselage giving any potential buyer more options for cabin layouts.

Offering more space with unlimited possibilities

The Boeing 737 Max 8 has a significantly larger fuselage than the Max 7 while maintaining a shorter range. The Boeing Max 8 has a cabin 3.89m longer than that of the Max 7. The additional cabin volume can accommodate more passenger layout spaces or additional bedrooms if required. Therefore, this will give any potential buyer more room to design and customize their aircraft.

Boeing 737 Max 9 BBJ price, range, and passenger capacity

The Boeing BBJ Max 9 is the larger aircraft of the three variants which costs $107.9 million. Moreover, the BBJ Max 9 can fly 6640 nautical miles while carrying 25 passengers without stopping. In addition, it offers the largest fuselage which allows for additional interior layout options for extra bedrooms.

Featuring the longest cabin in its class

The Boeing 737 Max 9 will have the largest cabin volume, exceeding that of the Max 7 and Max 8. On the other hand, it will have the shortest range but maintains the longest cabin. In fact, the Max 9 has a cabin 2.7 meters longer than the Max 8. Furthermore, it has a cabin length of 6.59 meters longer than the Max 7, enough room to accommodate additional bedroom space. The Max 9 BBJ may be considered a luxury flying penthouse. Most importantly it will maintain the characteristics and performance of a business jet while flying a range of over 6515 nautical miles non-stop

The BBJ Max 9 features the longest cabins in its class

The Boeing 737 Max 9 BBJ cabin looks more like a luxury penthouse than it does a private jet. Moreover, this aircraft is built for pure luxury. In fact, with tough competition from competitors, Boeing had to go all out on interior design. As a result, the Boeing 737 BBJ Max 9 is a hard business jet to beat.

The Boeing Business Jets summary

Overall, the Boeing Business Jets offer unbeaten flexibility among potential buyers due to its large cabin volumes of the commercial airliner while adding the additional range needed for an ultra-long-range business jet. On the other hand, there are three main variants to choose from; the Max 7, 8, and 9. In addition, the max family each offers unique characteristics in terms of size, cabins, and range. Moreover, each aircraft can be suited to potential buyers’ requirements with additional features which make each aircraft unique and personalized.

The result is an ultra-large long-range private jet – the ultimate status symbol for the super rich. A private jet of this type will most likely be owned by a top executive, business owner, company, or state.


Boeing BBJ Max 7

BBJ MAX 7     $91.2 M    7,000 NM    Pax 25

Boeing BBJ Max 8

BBJ MAX 8     $99M     6,640 NM   Pax 25 

Boeing BBJ Max 9

BBJ MAX 9    $107.9M    6,515 NM    Pax 25

Please note: the above range specifications are based on the aircraft carrying eight passengers to achieve the figures stated above.

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