Inside the new $80 million Airbus ACJ 220 private jet – a true flying VIP penthouse

The Airbus ACJ 220 is a private jet version of the highly successful Airbus A220 commercial airliner. The Airbus ACJ Two Twenty (A220) private jet has been designed by Airbus corporate jets (ACJ) for the ultra-wealthy.

The ACJ 220 key features

This Airbus ACJ Two Twenty has a VIP cabin design for ultimate comfort. In addition to this, in-flight technology will be used on this aircraft along with its already advanced avionics. Most importantly, the ACJ Two Twenty will have a longer range than its commercial airliner variant.

The ACJ Two Twenty has a longer range compared to its airliner variant

The Airbus ACJ Two Twenty is a long-range business jet capable of flying 5,650 nm (10,465 km) for 12 hours without stopping. In addition, it has additional fuel tanks boosting its range from the airline variant of 3450nm to a respectable 5600nm. The ACJ Two Twenty has a slightly longer range than the new Dassault Falcon 6X which has a range of 5500nm.

Interior and passenger capacity

This Airbus ACJ 220 will have up to 6 VIP living spaces for up to 19 passengers in its state-of-the-art luxury cabin. In fact, the modern interior has many interior layout configurations available, and each aircraft will be unique.

The 220 has such a large cabin that endless configuration options are available. The result is that each aircraft can be built to the buyer’s requirements with the option of bedrooms suites, showers, conference rooms, and many more.

The ACJ 220 features light weight materials

The Airbus ACJ 220 is built with advanced low-weight materials reducing fuel burn and maintenance costs. This will significantly reducing operational costs for the private jet owner, making it one of the most efficient business jets in its class.

A business jet offering comfort like no other

The Airbus ACJ 220 is the ultimate business jet offering state-of-the-art comfort without compromising on performance, range, and economics. As a result, the Airbus Two Twenty is an attractive private jet for the ultra-wealthy.

The airbus ACJ 220 has a cabin of a luxury penthouse

For the size of the Airbus ACJ 220, it is good value for money considering it is a long-range business jet. Also, to mention, it has up to 5 true living spaces, a built-in bedroom suite with a king-size bed, and a shower in the bedroom suite all for a price of under $80M.

ACJ 220 price compared to the leader in the business jet category

Most importantly to add, Bombardier’s Global 7500, Gulfstream’s G700, and Dassault’s Falcon 10X all cost approximately $75 Million. So, the Airbus Two Twenty is an attractive option, after all, it is bigger and therefore the ultimate status symbol  

Max range       10,465 km        5,650 nm       19 pax     $72M-$80M


The Airbus A220 sets itself apart from its rivals and is truly a long-range wide-body business jet. Thanks to its large cabin the ACJ Two Twenty offers flexibility for multiple cabin configurations to suit potential buyers’ requirements. This private jet has a large cabin of a commercial airliner with the luxuries of a private jet. To conclude the ACJ Two Twenty is the ultimate status symbol for anyone that has $80 million to spare on a business jet

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