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About Us

Aircraft Buyer Ltd was founded in 2021. Aircraft Buyer offers low-cost online advertising for the sale of business and commercial aircraft. Moreover, the Aircraft Buyer website shares aviation information and aircraft specifications through social media and websites. Today, Aircraft Buyer has built a global network and is in connection with a team dedicated to the sale of business and commercial aircraft.

Aircraft Buyer offers online advertising for, Aviation Services, Aircraft For Sale, Wanted Aircraft, and Charter Flights. Our additional services include Brokerage and Social Media Account Management.

Aircraft Buyer has a branded Aircraft Model shop which sells high quality aircraft models worldwide. These aircraft models range from different sizes and scale. Aircraft Buyer Models features a Premium collection of models that are built to the highest level of quality and detail.

Aircraft Buyer History

Aircraft Buyer is an online advertisement website founded in 2021 and set a new standard in advertising business and commercial aircraft. Aircraft Buyer then expanded services for advertising Aviation Services which included Aircraft Brokerage and Maintenance.

Aviation information

Within mid 2021 Aircraft Buyer launched the Aviation Information page where aviation related blog posts were written on some of the world’s most advanced and expensive private jets on the market. The aim of this page was to provide more information on business aircraft that was not available at the time. In addition, the Aviation Information page goes in depth into the technological advancements in business aviation technology while taking a deep dive into the cost, range and passenger capacity of the world’s most expensive and technologically advanced private jets.

Social Media Growth – Instagram

Aircraft Buyer started to showcase the Aviation Information blog posts on social media in particular Instagram. Today, the official Aircraft Buyer Instagram account has over 32,000 followers. In addition, the other Instagram account run by Aircraft Buyer showcases the Dassault Falcon aircraft and has over 46,000 followers which include large aviation corporations and private individuals. Furthermore, the total Instagram accounts have a following of 78,000 and reach hundreds of thousands of users each month.

Within late 2021 our Instagram accounts drove the majority of traffic and business to the official Aircraft Buyer website. In fact, most customers found our website via our social media platforms. As a result, aircraft for sale and aviation services were showcased on our Instagram accounts driving up our website traffic. On the other hand, our aviation information posts were unique and showcased a wide variety of aviation information on social media. At Aircraft Buyer we realised social media was not sustainable in the long run, and we needed to increase our website traffic through search engines. Although social media will play a very important role in our business model, we needed to increase our traffic through other means.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Today, most of the traffic through our website is via search engines such as Google. The team have worked very hard to ensure our search engine traffic was on the increase and has been growing ever since. In fact, the majority of our search engine traffic has come through our blog posts which can be found on Google and our aircraft for sale rank relatively high when searched.

In fact, our traffic to our website via search engines has grown by a staggering 103% within a year and we are working to increase this further.

The Aircraft Buyer team has been working hard on blog posts and improving our SEO rating on Google. We want to grow our website to be one of the world’s leading online advertising websites for aircraft and aviation services at a reasonable price.

On the other hand, we still advertise our aircraft and services on social media. Social media has been a big driver for the website and is still a part of our business model.

Dasssault Falcon 8X taxing and interior with bed

Private Jet Charter

Aircraft Buyer has seen a strong demand on the private jet charter market. In fact, we receive a dozen emails every single week requesting information for available flights.

Aircraft Buyer is now launching a new private jet charter page. In fact, this page showcases the available flight, and empty legs offered by a wide variety of companies across the world at a reasonable price. On the other hand, most flights will be offered within the United States and Europe, but we hope to expand this model on a global scale.

Aircraft Buyer wants to work with companies which offer low-cost charter flights and those companies that sell the seat or have empty leg aircraft available. Importantly, these flights will be showcased on our social media accounts for aviation enthusiasts, private individuals and large corporations to see.

The flights will be easy to add to the website and is very easy for the user to access and book those flights. Furthermore, Charter flights will be available on our website and updated every single day.

Aircraft Model Store – Aircraft Buyer Models

Aircraft Buyer Ltd has seen a strong demand in the Aircraft Models Market and is now offering high-quality aircraft models that are unique and not currently available on the market.

In addition, we are launching our new branded aircraft model shop that showcases some of the world’s most detailed and highest quality aircraft models. These models include LED lighting, landing gear and much more.

Aircraft Buyer offers unique aircraft models featuring rare liveries. Models must be of a high-quality exceeding that of competitors. In addition to that, a high level of detail must be shown on each aircraft and the airline that it represents.

Our new aircraft models shop has a wide variety of commercial and business jet models available ranging from all different sizes, scales and liveries/paint schemes. On the other hand, our premium collection of models has collectors’ items, gifts and models for younger children in store. The Aircraft Buyer Store will have every single model on the market all in one place. In fact, the Aircraft Buyer Model Shop has some of the rarest models available and ensures that high quality and detailed models are only sold on our website.

Aircraft For Sale

See all the latest aircraft we have for sale which include the featured aircraft on our home page. We have a wide variety of aircraft for sale including helicopters, commercial airliners, business jets and many more. For more information on the aircraft, please click on the full advertisement and contact the broker in the description to make any further enquiries.

You can sell aircraft for Free on the Aircraft Buyer website. Please see below for more information.   

Sell Your Aircraft.

Falcon 7X

Visit the Sell Aircraft Page to create a free listing and fill in the description of the aircraft and other relevant information. If you do not have the information available, simply put “NA” in the box section and you can simply edit this later. When the aircraft is advertised, you will receive potential buyers calling or contacting you via the details you have submitted on the aircraft ad. The standard 3-months FREE listing plans are available if you want to try and see how you feel about our service. In order to receive more customers, go for our premium plans which will include your ad being featured on our social media accounts with 78,000 followers and your ad will be showcased on our homepage.

How We Sell Aircraft

Free listings

Free Aircraft Buyer Listings are advertised on our website. The Aircraft Buyer website receives thousands of visits every month. In fact, listing can be easily located on google when searched up. This is thanks to our improved search engine optimisation techniques.   

Premium Listings.

Premium listings are featured on our home page and showcased on our social media accounts that have over 78,000 followers and reach over 250,000 users every month. Aircraft Buyer has a wide variety of celebrities, companies and private individuals which follow us and express interest in aircraft we advertise on social media.

Advanced Listings:

The team can handle the whole process for you which includes getting your aircraft listed on our website. Aircraft Buyer will also up your listing to the top of our home page and your listing will be showcased on our social media accounts. In addition to that, your aircraft will be sent to our list of clients and potential buyers. Aircraft Buyer works with a global team. The team will showcase your aircraft to potential buyers within our network. In fact, we work day and night to ensure we find the right buyer for the aircraft.

Why Advertise On Our Website

The Aircraft Buyer website reaches thousands of users every month and our social media accounts reach over 250,000 users each month where aircraft can be showcased on our platforms and presented to potential buyers.

The Aircraft Buyer website is where private individuals, business corporations and other aviation related personnel come to search for the services and aircraft that they require. In fact, our website has grown significantly over the past year with our search engine traffic increasing every single month. Aircraft Buyer is working hard to improve search engine optimization and Google rating. Interestingly, our traffic via search engines has grown by a staggering 103% within a year and we are working to increase this further.

On the other hand, when the aircraft listing name is searched into Google e.g., Bombardier Global Express For Sale our images are within the top four rows in the image section of google search. In addition, our aviation listings provide the user with all the information they need to contact you as the broker for additional information. Information within the listings give our users an inside look into the aircraft before potential buyers proceed any further.

Potential buyers will contact you via your phone number or e-mail added to the advertisement.

The Aircraft Buyer premium listings aircraft get featured on our social media accounts with over 78,000 followers and reach over 250,000 users every single month and on peak times our accounts even reach up to 1,000,000 users in a month. Aircraft are promoted on social media when you go through our premium plans. In fact, no other provider offers advertising like this. Aircraft are promoted via Google and social media but most importantly Instagram. We have many private individuals’, companies and other aviation related personnel which follow us and enquire about aircraft we have available. In addition, they are directed to our website to find out more information and then they will contact you as the broker to make additional inquiries.  

In addition, we also offer a brokerage service, please see below for more information.


Aircraft Buyer works with a global team to sell aircraft while finding aircraft which meet our client’s needs. In fact, our team can sell your aircraft or find an aircraft which you require. The Aircraft Buyer team of brokers are friendly and approachable and will help you find what you need. The team, work with a wide range of clients, finding aircraft to meet their needs. On the other hand, we sell aircraft using our, contacts, website and social media platforms to reach a larger target audience. As a result, we reach more companies, private individuals who require aircraft for business operations.

For more information, please email

Aviation Information

Find out all the Aviation Information you need on a wide variety of business aircraft. The Aviation Information page showcases the facts and figures of some of the world’s most technologically advanced and most expensive business jets in the industry. In addition, it outlines their specifications which includes passenger capacity, range and cost. Furthermore, this page highlights key features of each aircraft and their technological advancements. Also, it compares the performance factors.

On the other hand, the Aviation Information page hosts a wide variety of content on commercial airliners comparing their technical specifications, passenger capacity and outlining performance specifications.

Importantly, the aviation information page takes a deep dive into each aircraft highlighting a wide variety of important features which make a particular aircraft unique to the market.

Are you interested in writing blog posts for us? Do you have a wide knowledge of the industry and experience? If so, please e-mail us for more information.

Aviation Services

Find all the aviation services we have available on the Aviation Services page. In fact, we receive multiple aviation related inquiries which we direct to the aviation services that are advertised on our website. To list your aviation service, all you need is a few good pictures of your company’s operations; your company’s business logo and a good description of what your company does and how it can help customers along with other additional information.

Dassault Falcon Service

It is easy to create and aviation services listing, and it is completely worthwhile. In fact, you can create a FREE listing which lasts for three months. For premium aviation services listing your services will be featured on our homepage, featured on our social media accounts with links to your website and your phone number or business e-mail.

Private Jet Charter

Introducing the Private Jet Charter Page (Flights) that is our new page showcasing empty leg and charter flights. Importantly, these flights are advertised on our website and through our social media platforms. The team at Aircraft Buyer have worked hard to building this page. On the other hand, the team has been dedicated to increasing our search engine optimisation rating on google. In fact, our search engine traffic has increase by 103% in the last year (as of January 2023) and we are working to increase this further.

We receive multiple enquiries each week regarding charter flights but was unable to fulfil our customers’ requests until now. In fact, all charter flights posted on our website will get a free promotion on our social media accounts that have over 78,000 followers.

Social Media Account Management

Aircraft Buyer offers a social media account management service based on how successful our Instagram accounts have been at reaching aviation companies, private individuals and those in the spotlight. Instagram has been a main driver for our online business with the majority of our customers finding us via our social media platforms.

We want to offer this social media management service to you. We will manage and post content to reach more customers and target specific companies which are ideal for you. In fact, we will post engaging content and important aviation information to showcase your company’s services.


The Aircraft Buyer social media accounts have a total following of 78,000 and within the aviation space on social media that is substantial. In addition to that, we will promote your social media platform on our accounts to reach more users and direct them to your services. Our management programme starts from £19.99 a month and we offer a one-month free trial to see if you like our service.

Aircraft Buyer Model Shop

The new Aircraft Buyer Model Shop showcases some of aviation’s highest quality and advanced models. The Aircraft Buyer Premium collection of aircraft models features LED lighting, landing gear with rubber wheels.

In addition, the Aircraft Buyer models are built from the highest quality plastic on the market. In fact, the premium collection of models are the biggest and most detailed models on the market. Most importantly, the majority of our models are diecast, including detailed metal landing gear with rubber wheels.

The Aircraft Buyer Gift Models Collection comes in a high-quality gift box which will make the perfect business gift. Although, these models do not come with landing gear, the attention to detail is far greater than one could imagine. Having one of our gift models on your desk shows you really mean business.

The Aircraft Buyer model store has models available for our young model enthusiasts. The Aircraft Buyer standard models will be to the highest quality possible and are detailed throughout with great workmanship on every model.

Aircraft Buyer has a wide variety of models available on our website which include our LED XL premium brand models, gift models and models aimed for our younger children.

Aircraft Buyer ensures all our manufacturers work to the highest standards possible and every detail while all models have been carefully crafted. In fact, this can be seen from the engine details all the way to the aircraft livery details. The fan blades of the engines are carefully crafted and detailed to the standard of a real aircraft.

The Aircraft Buyer models will include a wide variety of business and commercial aircraft and have different scales to meet your needs. Aircraft Buyer will have scales available from 1 to 72 and up to 1 to 400.

Our models are easy to put together and come with a shipping guarantee.



Aircraft Buyer LTD is working on developing high quality drones with automated software to carry out missions. These drones will be aimed at construction professionals and search and rescue teams who requires video and photographic evidence of high rise / low rise buildings and teams searching for lost/injure people. We are working to produce a drone which can carry out these chosen tasks through automated software.

The Aircraft Buyer Drones will be some of the most technologically advanced drones on the market and we are working with manufacturers across the world to develop these drones.

Smaller drones to the domestic market will be made available and those drone enthusiasts. In addition to that, we will offer parts and batteries for these drones and work to improve the efficiency of these drones while in operation.

For us it is important to reduce the weight as far as reasonably possible while working to optimise energy consumption to increase battery life and efficiency while carrying out operational works.

The Aircraft Buyer Drones will come in a high quality storage box somewhat like a suitcase which can be used on and off site.

Our drones’ shop and branded products will be launched in 2025 and we will work with our customers to improve our products.

Drones will play a large part in the future and for us investing in this technology is vital for those companies that need them. Aircraft Buyer wants to make the flying experience as easy and pleasurable as possible and will work with private individuals to assess what technology is needed and how we can make flying experience easier and safer.

Safety is our biggest concern for our drones so using automated software will allow the drone to make a safe landing if required without human input. Aircraft Buyer wants to ensure drones are equipped with sensors so they do not hit objects and can carry out a mission successfully.


For Website, Listings or technical related matters please email

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