Airbus A340-313 (9H-TQM) For Sale

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Airbus A340-313 (9H-TQM) For Sale Former Swiss Airlines / Hi Fly Airbus A340 For Sale This ultra long range Airbus A340 is in excellent condition and has a seating configuration for 300 passengers. Moreover, this Airbus A340 can fly 7000 nautical miles of non-stop flight while carrying 300 passengers. In addition, it comes equipped with Rockwell-Collins dTES (digital Total Entertainment System) Please see the full description for further details. For additional enquiries please contact:

300 50773 NA 1996 S/N 117

1989 Gulfstream GIV For Sale


2004 Configured in the preferred GIV/G400/G450 interior layout. The aircraft entryway includes: coat closet, mini galley and crew lavatory. The main cabin features an open floor plan with seating for 13 passengers: club grouping of 4 chairs in the forward area, a 3-place divan opposite 2 chairs positioned mid-cabin, 4 chairs surrounding a conference table and a 6' credenza (w/ seat pads for kibitzing) located further aft.

13 NA NA 1989 S/N NA

2007 Dassault Falcon 900EX Easy For Sale

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2007 Dassault Falcon 900EX Easy For Sale HIGHLIGHTS: • KA Band Internet Honeywell Ovation Select CMS 2C & Gear 2020 Interior Refurbished 2020 Paint 2020 CPDLC / FANS1A / ADS-B Out EASy Il Cert 4. AIRFRAME: TSN: 6228 hours and 2897 Landings ENGINES: Honeywell TFE731-60-1C MSP Gold APU: Honeywell GTCP36-150(F) MSP Gold Please Contact Sonic Aviation PVT Ltd for further details Email: Call: +91 96542 70333 Website:

14 NA NA 2007 S/N NA

2014 Gulfstream G550 For Sale


2014 Gulfstream G550 For Sale Year 2014 Total Time - 1,794Hrs. PRICE - $30.5M Please Contact Sonic Aviation PVT Ltd for further details Email: Call: +91 96542 70333 Website:

NA 1794 NA 2014 S/N NA

2020 Gulfstream G550 For Sale


2020 Gulfstream G550 For Sale This aircraft is in excellent condition with a modern interior. Year 2020 Total Time - 354 hrs. Price - $32M USD. Please Contact Sonic Aviation PVT Ltd for further details Email: Call: +91 96542 70333 Website:

NA 354 NA 2020 S/N NA



I am happy to introduce this outstanding Piper Mirage with just a little over 2100 hours on the airframe and 910 hours on the engine. Matterhorn White over Red with Black and Golden Accents. Original paint in very good condition. Premium Tan Leather Interior, freshly refurbished. Fresh Engine Top Overhaul New Heated Windshield Dual Garmin GTN650 ADS-B Transponder Extended Fuel Range STC Avidyne Aeroplan Warranty until May 2023

6 2100 Germany 2006 S/N 4636395

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