Boeing 737-800 wanted

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Request for the purchase of Boeing 737–800s’ Aircraft specifications: 1. 186-189 seats (single class) 2. 10-12 years old 3. Priced between $10M - $12M USD 4. CFM56 Engines Approximately 50+ aircraft are required

NA NA NA 10-12 years old S/N NA

1988 Gulfstream G-IV For Sale


1988 Gulfstream G-IV For Sale 11 pax interior Great Condition Email: Call: +91 96542 70333 Website:

11 NA NA 1988 S/N NA

1994 Gulfstream GIVSP For Sale


1994 Gulfstream GIVSP For Sale MODEL: GULFSTREAM GIVSP @ YEAR: 1994 • AIRFRAME - TTS: 10,192.1 Hours / 4,566 Landings • ENGINE #1 - TTSN: 9,924.1 Hours / 4,452 Cycles • ENGINE #2 - TTSN: 9,924.1 Hours / 4,452 Cycles • APU - TTSN: 8,891 Hours Aircraft based and registered in the USA. We can deliver worldwide; • • • APU Program: MSP Gold; Equipped with ADSB-Out and WiFi System; 13 pax configuration; Paint and interior like new condition. Email: Call: +91 96542 70333 Website:

NA NA NA 1994 S/N NA

Bombardier Challenger 850 For Sale


2004 Bombardier Challenger 850 For Sale 24 pax Price $7.5 million USD

24 NA NA 2004 S/N NA

Boeing 747-400 F Lease

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Boeing 747-400 F Lease


Airbus A340-313 (9H-TQM) For Sale

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Airbus A340-313 (9H-TQM) For Sale Former Swiss Airlines / Hi Fly Airbus A340 For Sale This ultra long range Airbus A340 is in excellent condition and has a seating configuration for 300 passengers. Moreover, this Airbus A340 can fly 7000 nautical miles of non-stop flight while carrying 300 passengers. In addition, it comes equipped with Rockwell-Collins dTES (digital Total Entertainment System) Please see the full description for further details. For additional enquiries please contact:

300 50773 NA 1996 S/N 117

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