The New $75 Million Falcon 10X Private Jet

Falcon 10X – The Penthouse Of The Skies

The Dassault Falcon 10X is an ultra-long range, wide body purpose-built business jet capable of flying to all the world’s major business destinations without stopping.  

  • The Dassault Falcon 10X will have seating for 19 passengers. This aircraft can fly higher and faster than any other commercial airliner on earth with a top speed of 0.925 Mach (over 700 mph).
  • If you are interested in buying a new falcon 10X the list price is $75 million. This private jet can fly 7500 nautical miles (13,900 km) This flying penthouse is setting new standards in business aviation.
  • For your money, you will get a dedicated bedroom suite featuring a queen size bed and a large stand-up shower.
  • The new Dassault Falcon 10X is due to be flying in late 2025
  • The Falcon 10X will have the largest cabin cross section of any purpose-built business jet, leaving its competitors running scared. Even with its massive size, the Falcon 10 X will still have outstanding take-off and landing capabilities.
  • The manufacturer building the Falcon 10 X is Dassault aviation, which also builds fighter jet aircraft where the 10 X will inherit fighter jet like performance equipped will the most advanced aircraft technology seen in business aviation.

Picture: Dassault Falcon 10X Kitchen – Largest In Its class

Galley / Kitchen area

With the largest kitchen in the business, the falcon 10X is a game changer! As you walk into to the cabin, you are faced with a modern French kitchen which can serve all 19 passengers with the best food money can buy. The cabin is so large you would have to be 6 foot 8 inches to hit your head on the ceiling. The cabin has a width of 9 feet 1 inch with plenty of room for the tallest and largest people to get comfortable.

Picture: Dassault Falcon – Crew Rest Area

Crew Rest Area

The crew rest area is just located from the kitchen, where cabin crew can take breaks or have sleeps during long flights, with complete privacy with the rest area capable of transforming into a bed which is separated from the main passenger area.

The team a Dassault Aviation have gone all-out to prioritise comfort the crew and passengers with no inch of space wasted. After all, you are paying $75 million for a New Falcon 10X.

Picture: Dassault Falcon – 10X Cabin Featuring More Windows Than Its Competitors

Lighter And Brighter Cabin Featuring 38 Large Windows

The brightest cabin in the skies. The Falcon 10X has 38 large windows providing better light distribution throughout the cabin, with beautiful views flying at 51,000 feet with no dark spots sight. There is more window surface area in the Falcon 10X than in any other private jet flying.

Most commercial airliners fly under 40,000 feet and in the Falcon 10 X you can fly up to 51,000 feet at 0.925 Mach (over 700mph)

Picture: Dassault Falcon – Largest Cabin Of Any Purpose-Built Business Jet

Biggest Cabin In its Class

The Falcon 10 X seats have been specially designed for the aircraft and long-haul flights. The seats offer you the maximum comfort ensuring your comfort needs are met.

This interior is the biggest and most comfortable on the market. Ideal for the superrich.

Even the biggest and tallest people can get comfortable in the Falcon 10 X.

Picture: Dassault Falcon – The New 10X Will Be Built To Perfection

Endless Possibilities – TV in bed

In other areas of the aircraft, you have your own dedicated space for large TV and a large sofa or a built in bed where you can relax on a long flight and watch TV on board the aircraft.

The cabin looks more like a luxury cinema than it does jet. With the largest cabin volume in its class, in the Falcon 10 X you can sit and watch TV without being disturbed by excessive engine noise thanks to the aircraft’s well insulated cabin and advancement in aerodynamic design / installation technology

Picture: Dassault Falcon – The New 10X Featuring A Built In Queen Size Bed

Bedroom With Queen Size Bed

Introducing the only private jet for business travel to have a full queen size bed on board. Just imagine waking up to a stunning view at 51,000 feet above the earth flying just under the speed of sound at Mach 0.925 (Over 700 mph).

The largest bed in its class – Falcon 10 X is the ultimate business jet offering only the best comfort.

The bed is built into the cabin which is one of many cabin configurations for the new falcon 10 X

Picture: Dassault Falcon – A Flying Penthouse With Its Own Bedroom And Shower

Falcon 10X Dedicated Bedroom Suite For Its Guests

The Falcon 10 X has a dedicated bedroom suite for its guests. With the largest bed on any business jet in the largest cabin money can buy, the 10 X is an ideal business jet to travel around the world.

The aircraft configuration can be changed to suit the buyer’s needs with many additional features which can be added to meet the buyers’ requirements.

With the largest cabin of any purpose-built business jet what can’t you do?

Picture: Dassault Falcon – The New 10X Will Feature A Stand-Up Shower

The Falcon 10 X Has An Option For A Built In Large Stand-Up Shower

Just from the bedroom suite you have a dedicated stand-up shower and lavatory area built to the highest specification.

The shower even has a window were you can take a look out at 51,000 feet at the ground below. Let’s be honest no one can see you from that height anyway.

If you are having a shower on board a business jet flying at 51,000 feet you know you have done well in life.

You can wake up have a shower and feel refreshed once you leave the Falcon 10 X.

The lavatory is towards the rear of the business jet with its own shower and sink for VIP passengers to use on board the aircraft.

The crew have a separate lavatory located towards the front of the aircraft by the cockpit.

Picture: Dassault Falcon – 10X Interior Layout (Many Layout Options Available)

Interior Layout – Unlimited Layout Possibilities

The Falcon 10 X many different layout options available and you can even personalise your aircraft with features of your choice. Each aircraft will be unique with many different options available and configurations to suit the needs of any potential buyers willing to pay $75 million for this state-of-the-art flying machine.

Thanks to the large cabin of the Falcon 10X, even the biggest of people will be easily accommodated in this aircraft without feeling cramped with enough space to suit all.

Picture: Dassault Falcon – The New 10X Flight Deck Will Be The Most Automated In Its Class

Flight DeckMost Advanced Flight Deck In Its Class

The Falcon 10 X cockpit looks more like the controls of a futuristic spaceship than it does private jet. This advanced flight deck features state-of-the-art technology never seen in business aviation before.

This advancement in technology ensures the plane flies more efficiently and safely by design. The flight deck features multiple touch screens making it easier for the pilots use controls and increases safety reducing workload for the crew.

The flight deck has been built to the highest standard featuring all the latest safety measures with state-of-the-art technology never seen before in business aviation

This aircraft has never been so easy to fly with automation carrying out most of the flight operation, which reduces stress for the pilots and ensures the aircraft is safer for its passengers and crew.

Picture: Dassault Falcon – Introducing New Smart Throttle Technology To Be used On The New 10X

Smart ThrottleA New Advancement In Aviation Technology

Dassault have inherited a new way of controlling the engines through a system called a smart throttle which is one lever to control both engines .

This is the first of its kind on any twin engine business aircraft. An innovative and advancement in aviation technology.

Dassault have invested a lot into this technology currently under development which will be seen in many new aircraft to come

Picture: Dassault Falcon – Falcon 7X The first Business Jet To Have A Fly By Wire System

Falcon 10X – Advancement In Technology

The Falcon 7X was the first business jets built with a fly by wire system setting new standards for business aviation. Dassault aviation build fighter jet aircraft and use the technology in their business jets which bombardier and Gulfstream simply cannot compete with. This technology is so advanced no other business jet is capable of ever competing with Dassault Falcon.

As well as the technology, the new falcon 10 X will have an advancement in its aerodynamic design allowing it access difficult airports such as London city with its slow approach speed and short take-off capabilities the 10X will be more than capable of access this airport.

After all, you are paying $75 million for a business jet, so this will be expected. Advancement in technology on this aircraft is money well spent to ensure the safety of everyone on the ground and in the sky. The 10 X will be the most technologically advanced business jet money can buy.

The 10 X has advanced capabilities allows the pilots to see in the dark and in poor visibility giving the crew clear view of the runway and obstacles ahead. By using this Falcon eye technology – Enhanced Vision System (EVS), some major aircraft accidents will be prevented. This technology was inherited from previous Falcon models and improved over time.

Picture: Dassault Falcon – Reclining Seats In The Cockpit

Falcon 10X Cockpit – Best Office In The Skies

Dassault have gone all out with this aircraft and its interior even for the pilots
With a reclining seat in the cockpit, everyone can get comfortable.

The Falcon 10 X is so advanced and easy to fly that one pilot can be certified to fly the aircraft even when it comes to the challenging aspects such as take-off and landing. The 10 X is so automated it doesn’t need two pilots for operation thanks to its automation. Lets be honest, if you have enough money to buy this falcon, you will have no problem in paying for two pilots to fly it.

The New Dassault Falcon 10X Is Competing With Gulfstream’s G700 And Bombardier’s Global 7500 In The Ultra Long Range Market

CompetitionGulfstream G700 and Bombardier Global 7500

Dassault Falcon 10 X is up against the Bombardier Global 7500 and the Gulfstream G700 which are the leaders in the ultra-long-range business jet market.

Competition has never been so strong between the three manufacturers with each aircraft offering state-of-the-art technology and in-flight experience for a cost only the superrich can afford.

There is no doubt about it, the Falcon 10 X destroys its competitors in terms of cabin size and comfort offered, and with the aircraft’s price of $75 million its within its competitors’ range. Clear to see you get more aircraft for your money when it comes to the Falcon 10 X but does size really matter?

Yes. The Falcon 10 X offers a unique cabin comfortable for all passengers with the flexibility to customise layouts and include features which its competitors just cannot compete with. The Falcon 10 X the only aircraft with the option for a built-in queen-size bed.

With more windows than any other business jet in its class, Falcon 10 X is truly unique and offers unbeatable cabin comfort.

While offering all of this, the Falcon 10 X has exceptional range at a reasonable price with a cabin larger and wider than its competitors. This just goes to show you that size does matter…

We should remember, the prices stated above is only the starting price and when added extras are taken into account the above prices are exceeded with the addition of custom-made interiors and new advancement for technologies to be equipped aboard the aircraft.

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