World’s Fastest Turboprop 2022 – The Piaggio P180 EVO

The Piaggio P180 EVO is the world’s fastest twin turboprop with a top speed of 402knots (462.6 mph). This business aircraft costs over $7 Million.

Piaggio P180 EVO - Fastest Turboprop with a top speed of 402 knots
Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Piaggio P180 EVO Top Speed

The Piaggio P180 EVO is the world’s fastest twin turboprop ever built. This turboprop is capable of flying at jet-like speeds with a top speed of 402 knots (462 mph). In addition, it offers 30% lower operating costs to its competitors.

Seats Up To 8 Passengers - A True Office In The Skies.
Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Piaggio P180 EVO Cabin Capacity and Seating

The Piaggio P180 EVO offers the largest cabin in its class. The cabin has a head height of 5’9” and a width of 6’1”, a true office in the skies.

The cabin can be configured to seat up to 8 passengers depending on the interior configuration.

The Piaggio P180 Evo has a maximum seating configuration for up to 8 passengers with a typical configuration for 7, offering a large and spacious interior all thanks to the advanced Italian design.
Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

Interior Configuration

The Piaggio P180 Evo has a maximum seating configuration for up to 8 passengers. The typical configuration is for 7. The cabin features a large and spacious interior all thanks to the advanced Italian design.

The Piaggio P180 Evo is powered by 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A–66B Engines. Each engine produces over 1,630hp each
Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

Engines With Over 1,630hp Each

The Piaggio P180 Evo is powered by 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A–66B Engines. Each engine produces over 1,630hp each, giving the P180 the performance of a jet.  

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

Made For Performance With Increased Range

The Piaggio p180 Evo has an increased range boosting now it can fly 1809 nautical miles (3050 KM) without refuelling. Thanks to its powerful engines, and advanced design the Evo is a versatile and ultimate business aircraft. It offers outstanding runway performance meaning passengers can fly closer to their destination.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Turboprop Which Is Competing With Jets

The Piaggio p180 Evo is no longer competing with turboprops, it’s competing with business jets even outperforming some. The New P180 saves buyers money and gets business travellers to their destination quicker without the jet-like costs. Let’s be honest, the Piaggio P180 Evo is the world’s most stylish private jet which just has propellers.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

Low Noise Propellers To Reduce Noise And Increase Performance

Piaggio Aerospace has designed a new five-bladed propeller which helps make the new Evo the fastest turboprop ever built. This new Propeller design reduces cabin noise by 20%. The P180 Evo has been recognized for its unique design and sound produced by two engines and its five-bladed propellers.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Piaggio P180 EVO Has a Climbs Rate

The Piaggio P180 EVO has a climb rate of 2,770 fpm. Compared to the Pilatus PC-12NGX of 1,920 fpm and that of the Beechcraft King Air 350I of 2,400fpm. The P180 outcompetes its competitors in almost every aspect.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Piaggio P180 EVO Flight Deck

The flight deck is equipped with state-of-the-art technology which reduces the workload for the pilot. So much so, that the p180 is even certified to fly with one pilot.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Best In The Business Costing Over $7M

The Piaggio P180 EVO costs between $7M – $7.7M new. The price varies depending on specification and interior design options.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

Jet-like Performance For 30% Lower Operating Cost.

Piaggio P180 Evo exceeds its rivals in ever aspect. The King air 350I which has a cruise speed of 312 knots. The Pilatus PC – 12 MG with its 285 knots cruise speed.

Therefore, the Piaggio P180 Evo is with competing jets. The citation M2 which has a cruise speed of 404 knots, and the phenom 100 with 405 knots.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

Unique By Design – Optimised For Performance

The Piaggio P180 Evo is a futuristic and unique design. It features state-of-the-art technology and powerful engines offering unbeatable performance and efficiency. The new P180 Evo is the ideal aircraft to purchase outperforming some jets in its class

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Piaggio P180 EVO Is A Turboprop Like No Other

The Piaggio P180 EVO is a unique aircraft that is like no other. It clearly stands out from the crowd with its Italian design. The Piaggio is known to “have its propeller around the wrong way” this design has optimized its performance.

Therefore, the Piaggio P180 EVO is offering jet-like performance at a turboprop cost. This is enough to turn most buyers on. Above all, running a business jet is extremely expensive. Any potential buyer will always look at the most efficient option.

Do you think the Piaggio P180 EVO turboprop of the future?

The World’s Best Private Jets 2022 Costing Over $70M Each

Showcasing The World’s Best Private Jets – The Bombardier Global 7500, Gulfstream G700 and The Dassault Falcon 10X Costing Over $70M Each

1) Bombardier Global 7500

Picture: Bombardier – Bombardier’s Longest Range Business Jet

Bombardier Global 7500 – Longest Range In Its Class

The Global 7500 entered service in late 2018 and currently stands alone as the longest range and largest purpose-built business jet to enter service. Its competitors – The Falcon 10X and Gulfstream G700 are still under development and will enter service in the next coming years.

Picture: Bombardier – Many Interior Layout Options Available

Global 7500 Interior & Specs

The Global 7500 has four true living spaces, a full-size kitchen, and a dedicated crew suite and can fly over 7700 nautical miles non-stop with a top speed of Mach 0.925 and seating to up 19 passengers.

Picture: Bombardier – 7,700 NM Range

Longest Range In Its Class

The Global 7500 is the largest and longest-range business jet in the Bombardier family, it follows in the success of previous generation Global jets.

The Dassault Falcon 10X and Gulfstream G700 will both have a range of 7500NM while the Bombardier Global 7500 will exceed this range by 200NM to a maximum range of 7,700 NM

Picture: Bombardier – Master Suite

Master Suite Includes Permanent Bed And True Stand-up Shower

In this next generation Global costing over $73 Million USD you will have the option of adding your on-master suite which includes a permanent bed and true stand-up shower.

The Bombardier Global 7500 has the lowest price tag of $75M and the longest range compared the $75M list price for the G700 and Falcon 10X

2) Gulfstream G700

Picture: Gulfstream – Gulfstream’s New G700

Gulfstream G700 – Largest Windows In Business Aviation

The G700 is an ultra-long-range purpose-built business jet capable of flying 7,500 NM nonstop with the capacity to accommodate up to 19 passengers with 5 living spaces.

The G700 has a list price of $75M and is due to be flying in late 2022.

Picture: Gulfstream – Stunning Interior for up to 19 Passengers

G700 Interior

Within its well though out interior design, the G700 can accommodate up to 19 passengers and sleep up to 13 depending on the buyers interior layout choices. Each interior can be customised the meet the buyers needs.

Picture: Gulfstream – One Of Many Configurations To Choose From

Customisable Interior and Layout Options

Each interior on the Gulfstream G700 can be customised to suit the buyers needs with many option available. This interior layout can has 5 living areas, sleeps up to 9 and accommodates 13 passengers in VIP comfort.

Picture: Gulfstream – Largest Windows On Any Business Jet

Twenty Unique Panoramic Oval Windows

Twenty unique panoramic oval windows—the largest in business aviation, allowing more light in the large cabin.

These windows are unique to all gulfstream aircraft loved by passengers and owners with more window space to see amazing views at 51,000 flying over 700MPH (0.925 Mach)

3) Dassault Falcon 10X – Largest Cross Section In Its Class

Picture: Dassault Falcon – Dassault’s New Falcon 10X

Dassault Falcon 10X

The Falcon 10X will have the largest cabin cross section of any purpose-built business jet, costing $75M which is due to be flying in 2025. The Dassault Falcon 10X will have seating for 19 passengers. This aircraft will fly higher and faster than any other commercial airliner with a top speed of 0.925 Mach (over 700 mph).

Picture: Dassault Falcon – Widest Cabin In Its Class

Falcon 10X Interior

The Falcon 10X will have the widest cabin in its class putting it ahead of its competitors. It has seating for 19 passengers with the option for a built in queen size bed and stand-up shower to be fitted.

Picture: Dassault Falcon – Many Layout Options To Choose from

Falcon 10X interior Layout

The Falcon 10 X many different layout options available and you can even personalise your aircraft with features of your choice. Each aircraft will be unique with many different options available and configurations to suit the needs of any potential buyers willing to pay $75 million for this state-of-the-art flying machine.

Picture: Dassault Falcon – Built In Bedroom Suite

Bedroom With Queen Size Bed

Introducing the only private jet for business travel to have a full queen size bed on board. Just imagine waking up to a stunning view at 51,000 feet above the earth flying just under the speed of sound at Mach 0.925 (Over 700 mph).

The largest bed in its class – Falcon 10 X is the ultimate business jet offering only the best comfort.

The bed is built into the cabin which is one of many cabin configurations available for the new Falcon 10 X

Gulfstream G700 VS Bombardier Global 7500 VS Dassault Falcon 10X

Which Is Best?

Competition has never been so strong between the three manufacturers with each aircraft offering state-of-the-art technology and in-flight experience for a cost only the superrich can afford.

Each of these stunning jets has its merits and is unique in ever aspect from the panoramic oval windows in the Gulfstream G700, to the widest cabin cross section in the Dassault falcon 10X and finally Bombardier’s Global 7500 with the industry leading range of 7,700NM.

And yes, you are probably thinking the Global 7500 is best because it has the lonest range for the cheapest price? There is more to it than that. The G700 and Falcon 10X cost more for a reason, that could be the aircraft is equipped with more technology or many other aspects which must considered.

When you buy optional extras like customised interiors and advanced in flight technology the list price will soon increase.

Each of these business jets offers so much for those who can afford to by one. We can only dream that one day, we might get to fly on.

Which one do you think is best?

We would love to know