Boom Supersonic! The New Concorde Will Take Flight 2022

Image: Boom Supersonic

The Boom Supersonic Overture Top Speed

The Boom Supersonic Overture is a supersonic passenger airliner under development by Boom Supersonic, a company based in United States.

The Overture will be the next generation supersonic passenger jets, which will have a top speed of 1.7 MACH which is approximately 1304 mph and will be the highest flying passenger airliner on earth. The Overture will fly at altitudes up to 60,000 feet where you will see the Earth’s curvature and the darkness of space

Image: Boom Supersonic

The Overture Will Be The Fastest Airliner In The Skies – Reaching Speeds Of 1300 MPH

The new Boom Supersonic Overture will have a range of 4250 NN which is approximately 4888 miles and will fly London to New York in 3 hours and 30 minutes at speeds of up to 1304 mph (Mach 1.7)

Image: Boom Supersonic

Boom Supersonic Overture Passenger Capacity

This next generation supersonic passenger airliner will have many seating configurations available for airliners which accommodate between 65 and 88 passengers depending on the aircraft’s passenger configuration.

Image: Boom Supersonic

Boom Supersonic Overture Top Speed

The Overture Will Fly Higher And Faster Than Any Of Passenger Airliner On Earth. See the darkness of space above and the curvature of the earth below at 60,000 feet cruising at 1.7 Mach (3004mph)

Image: Boom Supersonic

Setting New Standards For Supersonic Comfort

The new supersonic overture has an option for an all-business class passenger configuration meaning that each seat will have a window, with plenty of room to get comfortable while cruising on the edge of space flying at supersonic speeds without feeling a thing.

Image: Boom Supersonic

Cost To Buy

To Buy a New Boom Supersonic Overture, you are looking at a price of upwards of $200 Million each, which seems to be pretty reasonable for a supersonic jet.

Image: Boom Supersonic

All-Business Class Configuration

An all-business class configuration can be chosen by airlines with more space to get comfortable on a supersonic jet. There is a window seat available for each passenger and this aircraft can fly to destinations in half the time. What’s not to love?

Those businessmen and women will fly on the new boom supersonic where time is money.

Image: Boom Supersonic

Fast Flying Comes At A High Price

The Boom Overture will fly at remarkable speeds. To achieve this, the Overture will be powered by three Rolls-Royce jet engines to push the aircraft through the sound barrier. This will require lots of energy to break the sound barrier – meaning more fuel is needed. Boom are dedicated to building a aerodynamic aircraft reducing the demand for fuel increasing efficiency.

Image: Boom Supersonic

United Airlines Orders 15 Supersonic Overtures

United Airlines became the first US airline to sign aircraft purchase agreement with Boom Supersonic. United has ordered 15 aircraft.

Image: Boom Supersonic

Road Map

The Boom Supersonic Overture will be flying passengers by 2029. This road map above does look pretty reasonable for the time to build and test this supersonic jet.

Image: Museum of Flight


Concorde is a Supersonic passenger airliner designed to fly at twice the speed of sound reaching speeds of up to Mach 2.2. Concorde could accommodate between 92-118 passengers and crew.

Concorde made its flight in 1969 and entered service in 1976 with Air France and British Airways.

The End Of The Supersonic Era

Tuesday, 25 July 2000, at 16:44:31 local time (UTC 14:44:31). During take-off Concorde ran over an engine strip from a DC-10 on the runway. As a result, a tyre was blown which hit the underside of the fuel tank. The force was so great, it ruptured a fuel tank. That ultimately leads to the crash. Concorde was retired on October 24th 2003

Image: Boom Supersonic

Supersonic Travel Is Making A Comeback

The Boom Supersonic Overture will serve passengers in 2029. Boom Supersonic will build a new era of supersonic travel, with the hope more manufacturers build supersonic jets. But, good things take time.

World’s Fastest Turboprop 2022 – The Piaggio P180 EVO

The Piaggio P180 EVO is the world’s fastest twin turboprop with a top speed of 402knots (462.6 mph). This business aircraft costs over $7 Million.

Piaggio P180 EVO - Fastest Turboprop with a top speed of 402 knots
Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Piaggio P180 EVO Top Speed

The Piaggio P180 EVO is the world’s fastest twin turboprop ever built. This turboprop is capable of flying at jet-like speeds with a top speed of 402 knots (462 mph). In addition, it offers 30% lower operating costs to its competitors.

Seats Up To 8 Passengers - A True Office In The Skies.
Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Piaggio P180 EVO Cabin Capacity and Seating

The Piaggio P180 EVO offers the largest cabin in its class. The cabin has a head height of 5’9” and a width of 6’1”, a true office in the skies.

The cabin can be configured to seat up to 8 passengers depending on the interior configuration.

The Piaggio P180 Evo has a maximum seating configuration for up to 8 passengers with a typical configuration for 7, offering a large and spacious interior all thanks to the advanced Italian design.
Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

Interior Configuration

The Piaggio P180 Evo has a maximum seating configuration for up to 8 passengers. The typical configuration is for 7. The cabin features a large and spacious interior all thanks to the advanced Italian design.

The Piaggio P180 Evo is powered by 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A–66B Engines. Each engine produces over 1,630hp each
Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

Engines With Over 1,630hp Each

The Piaggio P180 Evo is powered by 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A–66B Engines. Each engine produces over 1,630hp each, giving the P180 the performance of a jet.  

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

Made For Performance With Increased Range

The Piaggio p180 Evo has an increased range boosting now it can fly 1809 nautical miles (3050 KM) without refuelling. Thanks to its powerful engines, and advanced design the Evo is a versatile and ultimate business aircraft. It offers outstanding runway performance meaning passengers can fly closer to their destination.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Turboprop Which Is Competing With Jets

The Piaggio p180 Evo is no longer competing with turboprops, it’s competing with business jets even outperforming some. The New P180 saves buyers money and gets business travellers to their destination quicker without the jet-like costs. Let’s be honest, the Piaggio P180 Evo is the world’s most stylish private jet which just has propellers.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

Low Noise Propellers To Reduce Noise And Increase Performance

Piaggio Aerospace has designed a new five-bladed propeller which helps make the new Evo the fastest turboprop ever built. This new Propeller design reduces cabin noise by 20%. The P180 Evo has been recognized for its unique design and sound produced by two engines and its five-bladed propellers.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Piaggio P180 EVO Has a Climbs Rate

The Piaggio P180 EVO has a climb rate of 2,770 fpm. Compared to the Pilatus PC-12NGX of 1,920 fpm and that of the Beechcraft King Air 350I of 2,400fpm. The P180 outcompetes its competitors in almost every aspect.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Piaggio P180 EVO Flight Deck

The flight deck is equipped with state-of-the-art technology which reduces the workload for the pilot. So much so, that the p180 is even certified to fly with one pilot.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Best In The Business Costing Over $7M

The Piaggio P180 EVO costs between $7M – $7.7M new. The price varies depending on specification and interior design options.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

Jet-like Performance For 30% Lower Operating Cost.

Piaggio P180 Evo exceeds its rivals in ever aspect. The King air 350I which has a cruise speed of 312 knots. The Pilatus PC – 12 MG with its 285 knots cruise speed.

Therefore, the Piaggio P180 Evo is with competing jets. The citation M2 which has a cruise speed of 404 knots, and the phenom 100 with 405 knots.

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

Unique By Design – Optimised For Performance

The Piaggio P180 Evo is a futuristic and unique design. It features state-of-the-art technology and powerful engines offering unbeatable performance and efficiency. The new P180 Evo is the ideal aircraft to purchase outperforming some jets in its class

Photo: Piaggio Aerospace

The Piaggio P180 EVO Is A Turboprop Like No Other

The Piaggio P180 EVO is a unique aircraft that is like no other. It clearly stands out from the crowd with its Italian design. The Piaggio is known to “have its propeller around the wrong way” this design has optimized its performance.

Therefore, the Piaggio P180 EVO is offering jet-like performance at a turboprop cost. This is enough to turn most buyers on. Above all, running a business jet is extremely expensive. Any potential buyer will always look at the most efficient option.

Do you think the Piaggio P180 EVO turboprop of the future?